Added Security for your convenience

The “Multi Factor Authentication” system will allow you to access your bank account through AlAhlieCorp or AlAhli Phone Banking services with extra level of security, protecting your financial information and transactions.

To start using the “Multi Factor Authentication” system, you will be required to register a maximum of two of your telephone numbers (mobile or land line) to access AlAhli Phone Banking. You will also be required to select a maximum of one mobile number to receive the “One Time Password” to login into AlAhlieCorp.

You will need the “Multi Factor Authentication” to access your bank account through the following services:

To login to AlAhlieCorpMobile application.
To validate total transactions for the day exceeding SR 50,000.
To login to AlAhlieCorp website.
To validate total transactions for the day exceeding SR 50,000.
AlAhli Phone Banking service:
To access AlAhli Phone Banking.
To validate transactions for the day exceeding SR 50,000.
*You can only register your mobile or land line number by Visiting your nearest SNB branch.

What is Multi Factor Authentication?
Multi Factor Authentication is an electronic system used to further add security to your banking transactions by re-confirming your identity and protect the integrity of your financial information and transactions.

Why is it necessary?
Multi Factor Authentication is required to access secure data or enter a secure area such as your online or phone banking services.

Is it mandatory?
Yes, it is. It is under The Saudi Central Bank’s rules and regulations that all banks implement the Multi Factor Authentication system.

What is the benefit from the Multi Factor Authentication?
The Multi Factor Authentication system will allow you to access your bank account through AlAhlieCorp or AlAhli Phone Banking services with extra level of security, protecting your financial information and transactions.

What do I need the MultiFactor Authentication code for?
To access your bank account through the following services:

How can I register my phone number?
You can only register your mobile or land line number by Visiting your nearest SNB branch.

What kind of phone numbers can I register?
For your convenience it is a must to register a local mobile/land line number.

Are there any fees associated with this service?
No. SNB is providing it for free.

Will it affect the nature of the services provided by SNB?
No. You will continue to receive the same level and quality of services from SNB.

In case I changed my number or it got stolen/lost, what should I do?
If you changed your number kindly register it through your nearest SNB branch. In the case it gets stolen or lost, you can either register a new number or go to your mobile service provider to reissue a new SIM card for the same mobile number you had before.

How can I register my number if I am outside the Kingdom?
For your convenience, it is best to register your mobile number before traveling. Alternatively, you can register an international mobile number through AlAhlieCorp.

How can I login into AlAhlieCorp/AlAhli Phone Banking if i'm outside the country and mobile was disconnected
To ensure the benefit of any of the two services, please make sure that your number is registered correctly and the availability of the roaming service in order to get the message that contains the authentication code to your phone.

Can I register an International mobile number?
Yes, you can through AlAhlieCorp, directly after entering your username and password.

Can I send someone to the branch to register my mobile if I am out of the country?
No, that is to maintain the security of your personal information.

How frequent can I change my number?
There is no specific number of times. You can request to change your number from any SNB branch.

What will happen if I enter three times wrong OTP number?
Your Multi factors Authentication will be suspend for 15 minutes.

I cannot log in using Soft token, what could be the issue?
Your account has been suspended for 15 minutes. Your mobile clock is different that real time.

Dear valued customer: it is SNB’s priority to ensure that your information and transactions are secure. To ensure such, we have applied the following measures::

SNB uses secure browsing mechanism (HTTPS).
All exchanged information is encrypted using global security standards for financial information over the internet.
Each user will maintain and utilize Two Factor Authentication (Personal Verification Number + Token Code) for Login and Transactions confirmation.
Unauthorized login attempts will deactivate the username after three times of consecutive failed attempts.
Time-based session expiry is utilized to mitigate unauthorized access to your user account.
Digital Certificates provide the user with Third Party evidence as Certification Authority of the site. This safeguards users from trusting unauthorized sites and allows the session to be encrypted.
Users of AlAhlieCorp will see a "closed lock" icon on the status bar of the AlAhlieCorp screen. When clicking on this icon, the certificate that is authenticating the site will be displayed.

Below are some tips and measures for a secure experience in electronic banking.

These measures are not absolute but are suitable for most electronic banking uses:

Keep your system up to date with security patches.
Use anti-virus software and keep it updated.
Use a firewall to protect your system.
Avoid accessing the bank on PCs, which you don’t fully trust.
Use a password on your device to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your information.
Disable the "auto complete" function within your browser, this will prevent others from seeing your personal information on your web browser.
You should disable your computers "file and printer sharing" capabilities to help prevent unauthorized access.
Make sure that your browser complies with international security standards, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
Computer tips line 9
Computer tips line 10
Computer tips line 11
Computer tips line 12

Don’t share your personal details with anyone.
Store your bank documents such as statements in safe places.
Be aware of any unusual accounts activity or financial transaction.
General tips Line 5
General tips Line 6
General tips Line 7
Note: The bank will never send e-mail to customers asking for personal information such as passwords and user name.

Don't reply to any e-mail that requests your personal information.
Be suspicious of any e-mail from a business or person that asks for your password, transaction password or other highly sensitive information.
Open e-mails only when you know the sender.
Be especially careful about opening an e-mail with an attachment. Even a friend may accidentally send an e-mail with a virus.
Be careful before clicking on a link contained in an email or other message. The link may not be trustworthy.
Be alert for scam e-mails. These are designed to trick you into downloading a virus.
Sign out every time you complete your AlahlieCorp session.

Dear Customer, We strongly encourage you to employ strong passwords through using a combination of uppercase & lowercase letters with the addition of numbers.(e.g. T29ha04).
Choose passwords that are difficult for others to guess, and use a different password for each of your accounts.
Change your password after accessing AlAhlieCorp Banking through a shared PC.
Keep your password a secret and don’t disclose it to anyone.
Do not write your AlAhli Debit Card or Credit Card PIN no. on a shared place or paper.